Posted in May 2012

Fresh-Faced and Fancy-Free!

Aloha!  I’m back from my (oh-so-freaking-amazing) escape from reality to Kauai!  It was just what the doctor ordered after a year of non-stop working!  I’ll give you this tidbit that about sums up the trip: Yep.  Drank beer, read The Hunger Games (like whoa!), and did a LOT of relaxing! Until my next break from … Continue reading

Bon Voyage!

I hate to rush off so soon after I’ve ventured in to this cosmos of bloggage- but alas, it’s time for a vaycay!  E. (the boy of whom I share my hopes, dreams, cat & bathroom with) and I have been planning this trip to Kauai for about a year…and have been counting down every-last-day … Continue reading

Coral and Gold and Nude, oh my!

On my (never ending) search for sassy summer-wear…I have been noticing a trend in color & I couldn’t be happier!  Every blog I land on, as well as all of my go-to online window shopping sites, have been spilling out LOADS of coral, gold, and nude.  Normally, I would shy away from nude…just the sound … Continue reading

“The Greatest Two Minutes…

…In Sports.” That’s right, the Kentucky Derby!  Now, I haven’t spent much time thinking about what’s up with the Kentucky Derby.  I’m a California girl, and though I’ve been to the Del Mar racetrack once, horse racing is not totally on my radar…until now! Man OH man!  My good friend & client had recently won … Continue reading

Chalk it up to Kool Aid!

So, one of my many loves is hair.  I do it, I have it, I appreciate it.  Lately I’ve been inspired by off-the-wall hair color, and while there are many ways that concept can go EXTREMELY WRONG…when it’s right, it’s fab! via Pinterest & Broke and Chic Go easy ladies…nobody likes over-processed locks!  For minimal … Continue reading

Hello There!

This is my very first blog post, so I’ll try not to screw it up.  I think I’ll keep it short…I’m sassy.  But seriously, I’m like really, REALLY sassy.  I like sassy clothes, music, places, people, pictures, and food…yes, sassy food.  I like these things so much, I’m going to blog about them. Ciao For … Continue reading