“The Greatest Two Minutes…

…In Sports.”


That’s right, the Kentucky Derby!  Now, I haven’t spent much time thinking about what’s up with the Kentucky Derby.  I’m a California girl, and though I’ve been to the Del Mar racetrack once, horse racing is not totally on my radar…until now!

Man OH man!  My good friend & client had recently won an (all-expenses paid) trip to The Derby this year…because she’s a bad-ass business woman…who beat out many men to get the prize!  Anyhow, she needed to bounce some fashion ideas off me while I did her hair.  Other than “I know you have to wear a hat??”, I wasn’t much help.  Later that evening, I went by her house to see what she’d come up with…SO. FUN!  Not only do you get to wear “a hat”, but The Derby is the world’s greatest venue to over-style the hell out of a huge piece of head-wear!

* Sidebar:  I WILL be having a Kentucky Derby- themed party next year!  I hear it’s how classy people get down.

Tune in for some of my favorites from our search!


Beauts!  via:  Breakfast At Yurman’s, Southern Accents & Garden and Gun

If you don’t want to go full-bore with a giant hat, consider a fascinator!  A brilliant option for the demure Derby girl.


via Garden and Gun

…and if you’re the daughter of Earl Spencer, you’d probably wear one of these-Image

…and you’d probably be a bitch.

Next year- be on the lookout for the most fun Derby party, California has ever seen!  Okay, maybe that was a bit overzealous but HAY, why not?!  We know one thing; with my friends, it’s always a party…hat or not!

Ciao For Now!



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