Bon Voyage!

I hate to rush off so soon after I’ve ventured in to this cosmos of bloggage- but alas, it’s time for a vaycay!  E. (the boy of whom I share my hopes, dreams, cat & bathroom with) and I have been planning this trip to Kauai for about a year…and have been counting down every-last-day of it.  The time has come to soak up some vitamin D,  dink a Mia Tai (or 12), and forget about silly things like bills & computers!  Pssshhh…bills!  Baahhh…emails!  Who needs ’em when you’ve got sand between your toes for a mere 168 hours?  Yes, I Googled “one week, in hours”.

In honor of the past 363 1/2 days of dreaming I’m on an island; I’ve decided to compile some of my favorite island-y things (to get me through the next 36 hours).

All this aloha- via Pinterest.  Until the 19th…

Ciao For Now!


2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage!

  1. counting down the hours with you! so freaking excited for you and E (your bathroom buddy). also, i want that bikini. aloha (almost!)

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