Coral and Gold and Nude, oh my!

On my (never ending) search for sassy summer-wear…I have been noticing a trend in color & I couldn’t be happier!  Every blog I land on, as well as all of my go-to online window shopping sites, have been spilling out LOADS of coral, gold, and nude.  Normally, I would shy away from nude…just the sound of the word nude is ugly.  Go ahead, say it with a snooty accent….nuuuuude…yuck.  Anyhow!  I give  nude a free ride in my wardrobe simply because, when paired with other (more exciting!!) colors…the end result is aesthetically pleasing!  And gold, I mean…come on.  Gold.  Freaking GOLD!!!  My most favorite accessory color, real or faux!

Here are some looks I drooled over via ASOS-

…and the piece de resistance…

The Ally Capellino leather shopper.  Brace yourself, babes- it’s $622…AND SEVENTY-FOUR CENTS!  Why the hell would you add a measly seventy-four cents on to a bag that is already $622?  Whatevs, I’m just gonna keep drooling whilst “winternet shopping” (internet window shopping).

So remember dolls, nuuuuuuuude can be good, but add a pop of color- maybe coral- and you & nuuuuuude can remain civil friends.  As for gold…well…I mean…let’s pray the 90’s don’t return with their hatred for my favorite metal.  I LOVE GOOOOOOOOOLD!!!

Ciao For Now!



One thought on “Coral and Gold and Nude, oh my!

  1. LOVING this color scheme. Coral has always been a fave…and Plain Jane me appreciates a the low-key-ness of nuuuuuude…but you’re right. It needs a little help from it’s more exciting friends. I’m all about my skinny blue chinos these days…and looking to add another color to my wardrobe. Was thinking red…but maybe coral would be nice? Hmmm….

    Keep kicking beauty butt! xo!

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