Fresh-Faced and Fancy-Free!

Aloha!  I’m back from my (oh-so-freaking-amazing) escape from reality to Kauai!  It was just what the doctor ordered after a year of non-stop working!  I’ll give you this tidbit that about sums up the trip:

Yep.  Drank beer, read The Hunger Games (like whoa!), and did a LOT of relaxing! Until my next break from reality…my pictures will be my get-away!

While I was in Kauai, I wore makeup ONCE.  Don’t even know why I packed it, since I NEVER wear makeup while  in Hawaii!  Anyways, the day (or night rather) that I did put makeup on…it felt so unnatural, and completely unnecessary.

–>That being said, the moment I got home and decided I should step out the door without it, I felt a bit TOO naked!

My point is, sometimes…especially in the summer…it feels amazing to free your face from heavy makeup.  And let’s be honest; who are we really wearing it for in the first place?!  It’s hot dammit!  The last thing I want to do, while sweating like a pig, is blow-dry my hair and slap a layer of paint on my face!  Check these beauts out…minimal to no makeup IS gorgeous!

I’ve done some research and compiled a list of basic products that should get you through the summer while both protecting, and enhancing your lovely mug!

– SUNSCREEN!  Like everyday.  In every season.  All over your body.  At least SPF 30.

-Tinted Moisturizer.  I don’t know who thought of this, but dayum.  Brilliant.

-Lip Balm.  Tinted or not.  Don’t care.

-Waterproof Mascara.  For those of you who don’t have eyelashes without it 🙂

-Beachy-Wavy-Texture- Spray for your hair.  Victoria’s Secret.  Duh.

For the budget-friendly gal:

Neutrogina SPF 40 all over spray- $8- Amazon

Sephora tinted moisturizer- $21- Sephora

Rosebud Salve- $6 – Sephora

Maybelline waterproof mascara- $5 – Amazon

Alterna Bamboo Boho Waves (LOVE!)- $22

For the BALLER babes:

Murad sunscreen – $19 – Sephora

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer- $42 – Sephora

Sheseido balm- $21 – Sephora

Lancome’ waterproof mascara- $26- Sephora

Bumble & Bumble sea spray- $25-30- Amazon

And if you want to stay healthy, fresh, dewy and pretty for yeeeeaaaaars to come…better use some of these:

Soap & Glory Night Cream- $30 – Sephora

Yu-Be’  daily moisturizer (LOVE!) – $25 – Sephora

Arbonne Lip Saver- $10 –

…And unless you’re one of these bitches…

I suggest the Cadillac of skin products;

Dr. Jart+ BB cream- $39 – Sephora

So go on…wash that beautiful face, throw on your bikini (don’t forget your sunscreen!) and hit the beach!  One day we’ll look back and go “I wish I had worn less makeup when I was younger!”.  Take a cue from Miss Monroe-

Doesn’t get more beautiful than that!

Ciao For Now!



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