View Halloooo!

Uh, what, you say?  Well, remember Mary Poppins?  In the movie, they go on a fox hunt and the head hunter yells out “VIEW HALLOOO!”  when he spots the fox…so random, but I’ve been saying it for years in place of a very excited “HEY THERE!”

So um, it’s been awhile.  I’m embarrassed.  I got on my sassy high horse (totally fits with my fox hunting theme), and thought I didn’t need my lil old bloggie.  Well, guess what…I DO!   I can sum up my Summer real quick;

-May: Kauai, remember?  Awesome.

-June:  End of the Year dance shenanigans.  BBQs.  Hair, hair, hair.

-July:  LOTS of dance choreography- 16 dances to be exact.  Almost had a break down.  New salon. TOTALLY awesome.  Dance show with all of my choreo.  Rad.  New salon owner bailed.  Almost had a breakdown.

-August:  Dance simmered (for now).  Salon simmered (for now).  And I found out I’m going to have a NIECE!  Emma Nicole to arrive in December (or January if she’s stubborn like the rest of the family).

…aaaaand that brings me to today’s blog post:

Baby Girl Things…DUN DUN DUUUUN!  Already had to slow my roll on shopping for the lil buttercup.  Instead,  I’ve obsessed over things I can’t afford, therefore, won’t buy.

Mini Boden onesie- $34…and it has chickens on it…and I don’t even care.

Mini Rodini bikini- $37. Emma will for shizz be a soft shoe-er in this!

Muny quilt- $168.  Just gorgeous & most-likely worth the moohlah.

Naturino suede boots- $70.  Ouch, $70.  If only they came in my size…

Alas,  still my most favorite nursery design.  I freaking hate pastels and I’m sure Emma will too.  Because she’s gonna be rad (like her auntie).

Come to think of it…since I have yet to procreate…if I spend money spoiling my niece, these things will surely come back around when I have my own rug-rats!  See how I justified that?  Take notes!

Ciao For Now!



One thought on “View Halloooo!

  1. i love you! and i love that you’re back! but serious BOO on the salon owner bailing?!? WHAT??? whata weirdo (hope she’s not reading this) (but who cares if she is). hope things are ok there despite THAT minor bump in the road. glad you didn’t have a breakdown. and a NIECE?! YES!!! i love nieces. it’s a good thing i do too because i have 5 of ’em. word. glad she’s cookin’ up nicely. maybe she’ll share a birthday with benja and hop over her december due date. he just new 2011 had his name on it 😉 so many cute baby girl things out there…whoa. good luck taming your wallet. miss and love. -roo!

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