I should have been 30 in the 60’s

But that didn’t happen…so here I am with my love for all things 60’s!  An old soul, if you will.  I am very close with my grandparents (Nan & Pap, or Helen & Jim if you want to get technical).  Nan & Pap are in their 80’s/90’s…Nan was the original cougar, and boy is she feisty!  They live close, therefore I have spent my entire life hanging out with them and absorbing the culture they experienced and loved so dearly.

Picture it, 1967

The kids are downstairs in the playroom on a warm summer night.  Parents upstairs for Happy Hour.  Drinks are flowing…laughs echoing, hors d’oeuvres being passed, Aretha Franklin & the Beatles on the stereo (the best music came from ’67, btw) and great conversation throughout the night!

Cocktail parties!  Why aren’t they a staple anymore?  Now days, it’s all about being at the loudest bar with the shittiest music, drinking over-priced and tragically weak drinks.  BOO!  I’m on a mission to bring back the iconic Cocktail Party!  Let’s map out a fake one, shall we?  Super!

First we’ll need some lovelies to eat & drink from- How freaking rad are these champagne glasses? and I’m loving these divided cocktail plates (invest in REAL plates please…no more paper!)   For the men & their whiskey… Perfect & retro, but not “frilly”.  Get some nice cloth napkins to dab that pout!   Something to decant your wine? (I seriously have never done this, but it sounds classy)–SO loving this crystal decanter.  Actually, screw all bottles of alcohol!  Buy a decanter for each one!  

Next, we’ll need a menu:

Finger foods are great because you don’t need utensils!  Woop!

1.  Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers!  Anything with bacon, really.

2.  Mango salsa  bruschetta

3.  Cheese fondue with veggies

4.  Mini BLTs – HELLO bacon!

Stock the bar with:

1.  Wine- red, white & PLENTY of Champagne!

2. Beer- no kegs please

3.  Whiskey, Vodka & Gin-  no one drinks rum or tequila & if they ask, point them in the direction of the door.

-Cranberry juice, soda water & ginger-ale should be sufficient mixers

Remember the ice!

For dessert…because yes, you need dessert:

1.  Irish coffee with biscotti

2.  Doughnut holes (you bet)

What to wear?

I’m dying for Emerson Made’s A-line Mod Top with some black skinnies! 

Sassy heels, of course!  Betsy Johnson?  Why YES!

   What’s a cocktail party without a cocktail ring?  Nothing, that’s what.  Get one (or three)! 

Now throw your hair in a top-knot, some gold hoops and call it a party!  And please, if you do throw a cocktail party, invite your good friend, Sass 🙂

Ciao For Now!



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