New Year’s Resolution = FAIL

Oh, hello there!  Remember me?  You know, the author of this blog.  Yeah, it’s been awhile…like,  MONTHS.  I could come up with all of these lovely excuses like “I was sailing off the coast of France” …or, “I went to Russia to adopt a darling little girl!”  (btw: so sad that you can’t adopt from Russia anymore)  Anyhow, those would be lies because all I’ve been doing is living my life.  Ohhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhh….and one more thing, I GOT ENGAGED!  Can I get a WHAT WHAT!!

Needless to say, what’s the point of having a blog when you don’t blog?  I decided it’s time to change that.  My way of keeping myself accountable was to actually make it my New Year’s resolution.  Blog every.  single.  day. of this year.  In case no one has checked the date, I’ve already failed 3 times.  Go me.

I’m going to sum up the last 3 (maybe 4) days real quick, so I don’t feel like a total loser-

Dec. 31. 2012-  E & I went to San Francisco with a few friends.  Stayed at The Ritz Carlton (bomb), and went VIP (not so much) to the party at The W.  The night was filled with high heels, lipstick, neck ties, and an open bar!  Needless to say, there was hella people watching.  Yes, I just wrote hella.  My last New Year’s kiss as a single lady was as amazing as ever.  Memories flooded in as E & I reminisced  about our first kiss, exactly two years prior.  At approximately  12:05am, I had a mini-panic attack as the ‘one-year to the wedding’ countdown began!IMG_0388

Jan. 1. 2013-  Woke up late in our luxurious room at the Ritz.  Got coffee & walked around Union Square.  Drove home & couldn’t have been happier to crawl into our “not the Ritz” bed.

Jan. 2. 2013-  Back to the grind.  Snipped some hair & choreographed a contemporary solo for one of my dancers.  Good day.

Jan. 3. 2013-  Snip snip snip

Jan. 4. 2013-  Started out visiting my esthetician (love her).  Had a couple wedding-related meetings.  Went to the hospital to visit my sissy (who’s pregnant with my stubborn niece who likes it in the belly a little too much).  Hurry up, Emma!!!!!!  Auntie wants to hold you & Mama is getting tired of contractions!

Okay,  I can’t say anyone but me can keep me accountable for this blog of mine, but I’m going to TRY.  I do love it, and somehow…it completes me (sorry E!).  New beginnings are refreshing.  Sometimes scary, and intimidating, but necessary.  Time to put on our big girl (or boy) pants, and put our best foot forward!  I’ll be seeing a lot more of you, dear readers…

Ciao For Now!



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