Classy Glass

Okay.  I have an excuse (don’t I always?).  Other than having two jobs, and planning a wedding, and getting a baby girl NIECE!!!!!…I’m also sick as a dog.

That being said, I think I should re-work my resolution to a more “practical for my life” goal.  I get about one full day to myself a week.  No complaints; I prefer to be busy.  Other days, I have a couple hours free in the morning (love those).  I think it’s realistic to say I’ll TRY to blog once-ish a week, and if it happens to be more often…YAY!

Today I’d like to talk about glass.  “Glass?”, you say?  Yes, glass.

Whilst agonizing over tabletops, centerpieces, floral arrangements & linens; I have decided to save my sanity by taking little details day-by-day.  I know for certain I want candles on the table.  I maybe want flowers.  Either way, I WILL need votives of some sort.  Now, what kind?  HELL, I don’t know!  Let’s walk through the wild world of different glass to get some sort of direction…

First up- Mercury Glass

{Mercury glass (or silvered glass) is glass that was blown double walled, then silvered between the layers with a liquid silvering solution, and sealed.} – Wiki

I like Mercury glass.  I find that most old (like really old) glass contains mercury.  What we call Mercury Glass has that extra layer of silver liquid in between to give it that subtle shine. Now days, it’s common to faux mercury glassware.

 -DIYvia Pinterest

  It comes in both clear & colored glass, though (real) colored is scarce- -via Wiki

These days Mercury Glass is just an effect put onto regular glass.  If you come up on the real stuff, hold on to it!

Next- Desert Glass

Well, MY version of Desert Glass!  While out antiquing with my step-mom (at the age of 12?), I began to notice a lot of this beautiful purple-tinted glass.  In everything from goblets to salt shakers.  I wondered what made the glass purple (and some darker than others).  The shop-keeper informed me that it was called “desert glass”.  Desert Glass has a high content of manganese.  The manganese was put in the glass to replace the lead that was previously in it.  In return, this high content of manganese caused glass that was exposed to sunlight to turn violet.  The longer, or more intense, the glass was exposed to the UV rays, the darker the purple got.  In (or around) 1915, most glass companies ceased to use manganese in their glass, and replaces it with a better “clearing” agent.

Disclaimer-  I’m not sure it’s exact name is Desert Glass, that’s just what I call it!  I collect it, and I think it’s beautiful.

Milk Glass!

I just love Milk Glass!  Trendy as it may be right now, a true lover can tell the difference between the real shit & the fake shit.  The real shit is HEAVY.  Sorry for saying shit a lot.

Originally called “opaque glass”, or “opal glass”, milk glass was first made in Venice.  Let’s get real-  probably ALL glass was first made in Venice.  That’s what Venicians are know for!  Anyhow, it wasn’t always white; that’s just how we recognize it these days.  Milk glass comes in an array of colors, but they’re all that opaque tone (not see-through).  My favorite look to milk glass is the dainty Hobnail style made popular by the Fenton Art Glass Company.

Lastly, my most favorite- Jadite

Okay.  Jadite is actually a mineral.  “Fire King Jadeite” is a company-made kitchenware glass that was popularized in the 1940’s.  It is jade/green and opaque, much like milk glass.  Fire King Jadeite has become a HUGE collector’s favorite & (in my opinion) is harder & harder to come by.  I’ll go to antique stores, see an opaque jade dish, pick it up and look for the Fire King logo…only to find nothing.  If it doesn’t say Fire King, it’s fake.  Sass doesn’t do fake!

Check the price on those dishes!  These days, one cup goes for $20-$30!  SHOOT!

As far as wedding decor goes, I think I’ll stick to Mercury Glass.  For New Year’s Eve, I think it gives that rustic-elegance that I’m going for without being too bling-y!  I may try to DIY some.  Then again, I hate DIYing.  Time to go shopping!  Happy glass hunting, my little Sasses!

Ciao For Now!



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