In Memory

So, as luck (or God) may have it, this last month has been the biggest month of change in my life. We got engaged, welcomed my sweet niece into the world & said goodbye to my loving grandma “Nan”.

I can’t begin to describe the love & life she brought to every room she walked in. Her memorial was filled with people who have known her for years, and some who only met her once. That’s the impact she had on people. You shook her hand…or rather, she forced a hug and a kiss on you, and you were family. Never one to complain, even in the end, Nan was the most optimistic person to walk the earth.  At 91, she greeted everyone…EVERYONE with a smile.

Nan (and Pap), took me to my very first dance class & attended just about every show I performed in. I owe my obsession of the stage to them.  My biggest fashion cheerleader, Nan started me on my shoe craze loooong ago! The women had 3 closets STACKED with awesome gowns, kimonos, coats, and my favorite….SHOES!  Even when others would question my crazy tights, or Jackie-O shades, Nan would say “you look like a model today!”, and give me all the confidence I needed.

Nan was the middle of three very close sisters. When those ladies gathered…look out! Drinks and laughing (the best laughs ever heard!), and often times- bridge playing! I believe most of my sass was inherited from her. Even in the last of her days, Nan managed to give a little sarcasm when I showed her my ring from E – “Well, it’s just too bad he couldn’t have got you a nice ring!”.  Obviously kidding, she gave me a wink & her “just teasing” smirk.

Nan is survived by my equally amazing grandpa Pap, my mom (who is SO much like Nan & will take the role of grandma as wonderfully as she did), my step-dad Marc (whom Nan loved like a biological son), my funky-unky Denny & his son Klee, my sister & her family, and E & I. Though we are merely her immediate family, Nan left a wake of people who will forever cherish knowing her. A true class act, if there ever was one.

As Nan would say when cheers-ing someone, “to you!”  With so much love…



4 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Oh Stace, I’m in tears while reading this. She was so amazing and exactly like you said in your post, you met her once and felt like family. She is definitely a part of you always, and I think you’ll carry her legacy oh so well. Love you to the moon.

  2. In tears also. It’s all so true. Thank you for putting these wonderful memories in writing!!! Just missing her so….her warmth. humor and hugs.

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