Organization is a big word.

It’s an even bigger freaking task!  Geesh!

Seriously.  See the image above.  That’s all I want to do.  But NOOOOOO… that little voice in my head keeps saying…

“Pppssst-the laundry won’t do itself, emails need to be sent, phone calls need to be made, meetings need to be MET!”.

Okay, okay.  I’ll put my glass down.  For now.

I figure, if a girl has to juggle 5,000 tasks a day, she better look damn cute doing it.  Thank G for good looking organizers! (And ladies-  I don’t mean a personal assistant…thought that would be freaking awesome!)

Lookie here!

Russel + Hazel is a cute little company with cute little organizing helpers.  Here are a couple faves:

1.  Their Signature Binder in a special edition foil-stamped patters $26

2.  2013 Tissue Calendar to hang over the desk $30


3.  How cool is this Tape Dispenser? $24


Next up; Nate Berkus.  WAH!  I’m still sad he’s gay.  Head on over to Target and see his new line of office accessories!  They’re cute…just like him.

Have you ever heard of Houzz?  Well, me either.  I guess it’s kinda like Pinterest?  Anyhow, I stumbled on this chick “See Jane Work”‘s profile & she had some great shit!  These are from her store:

1. Kate Spade (only my favorite gal) black and white file folders! $15


2.  Bella leather expandable tote $63 (ish)

3.  Tall canvas bins (in an array of rad patterns!) $90

   Love me a chevron!

4.  Jonathan Adler makes task clips?! OKAY!  $10


There are so many more cute office goodies at See Jane Work.  Go check the site out!

I bring you to West Elm.  One of my very faves.

1.  Darling magnetic bamboo board!  $24

2.  Okay, this is a big guy, but I think it’s worth it!  Storage shelving unit in white metal & wood (a lovely little combo!) $899.00 <– yowza

Lastly, you’re gonna need a place to sit, drink coffee & browse Pinterest….er, work!  This cute little desk is small…hense, the need for the shelves!  Perfect for that sweet little tape dispenser!

3.  Desk $599.00

Now, I’ve spent an hour “researching”…drooling over organizing tools & have yet to do any organizing myself.  Figures! Time for wine & Pinterest!

Ciao For Now-



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