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Organization is a big word.

It’s an even bigger freaking task!  Geesh! Seriously.  See the image above.  That’s all I want to do.  But NOOOOOO… that little voice in my head keeps saying… “Pppssst-the laundry won’t do itself, emails need to be sent, phone calls need to be made, meetings need to be MET!”. Okay, okay.  I’ll put my glass … Continue reading

Classy Glass

Okay.  I have an excuse (don’t I always?).  Other than having two jobs, and planning a wedding, and getting a baby girl NIECE!!!!!…I’m also sick as a dog. That being said, I think I should re-work my resolution to a more “practical for my life” goal.  I get about one full day to myself a week.  No … Continue reading

I should have been 30 in the 60’s

But that didn’t happen…so here I am with my love for all things 60’s!  An old soul, if you will.  I am very close with my grandparents (Nan & Pap, or Helen & Jim if you want to get technical).  Nan & Pap are in their 80’s/90’s…Nan was the original cougar, and boy is she … Continue reading

“The Greatest Two Minutes…

…In Sports.” That’s right, the Kentucky Derby!  Now, I haven’t spent much time thinking about what’s up with the Kentucky Derby.  I’m a California girl, and though I’ve been to the Del Mar racetrack once, horse racing is not totally on my radar…until now! Man OH man!  My good friend & client had recently won … Continue reading