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In Memory

So, as luck (or God) may have it, this last month has been the biggest month of change in my life. We got engaged, welcomed my sweet niece into the world & said goodbye to my loving grandma “Nan”. I can’t begin to describe the love & life she brought to every room she walked … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution = FAIL

Oh, hello there!  Remember me?  You know, the author of this blog.  Yeah, it’s been awhile…like,  MONTHS.  I could come up with all of these lovely excuses like “I was sailing off the coast of France” …or, “I went to Russia to adopt a darling little girl!”  (btw: so sad that you can’t adopt from … Continue reading

Me Gusta La Musica!

Being a dancer/ choreographer, listening to music is not only a past-time, it’s my job.  I wouldn’t say I’m a music snob, but perhaps…musically proficient?  Nevermind, that sounds snobby.  WHATEVER dude, I have great taste in music & I don’t care who knows it! I have been waiting on pins & needles for the past … Continue reading

Bon Voyage!

I hate to rush off so soon after I’ve ventured in to this cosmos of bloggage- but alas, it’s time for a vaycay!  E. (the boy of whom I share my hopes, dreams, cat & bathroom with) and I have been planning this trip to Kauai for about a year…and have been counting down every-last-day … Continue reading

Hello There!

This is my very first blog post, so I’ll try not to screw it up.  I think I’ll keep it short…I’m sassy.  But seriously, I’m like really, REALLY sassy.  I like sassy clothes, music, places, people, pictures, and food…yes, sassy food.  I like these things so much, I’m going to blog about them. Ciao For … Continue reading