Posted in August 2012

I should have been 30 in the 60’s

But that didn’t happen…so here I am with my love for all things 60’s!  An old soul, if you will.  I am very close with my grandparents (Nan & Pap, or Helen & Jim if you want to get technical).  Nan & Pap are in their 80’s/90’s…Nan was the original cougar, and boy is she … Continue reading

Hey! You, the tan one!

A little side-note before I start; I’m listening to Wilson Phillips Pandora right now and it HAS to be the best station ever.  Ever.   Thanks JM for the recommendation:) It’s August, and you know what that means?  Everyone has a tan!  Not just me…I’m tan year-round.  I love a good tan, it makes everything look better.  You ugly?  Get … Continue reading

Me Gusta La Musica!

Being a dancer/ choreographer, listening to music is not only a past-time, it’s my job.  I wouldn’t say I’m a music snob, but perhaps…musically proficient?  Nevermind, that sounds snobby.  WHATEVER dude, I have great taste in music & I don’t care who knows it! I have been waiting on pins & needles for the past … Continue reading


Sure! The LAST thing I want to do on a hot summer day is slave over a hot stove.  But, let’s be honest…no time is a good time for me to “slave” over a hot stove.  I surf the net weekly to get inspiration for dinners.  What ends up happening is I go to Trader … Continue reading

View Halloooo!

Uh, what, you say?  Well, remember Mary Poppins?  In the movie, they go on a fox hunt and the head hunter yells out “VIEW HALLOOO!”  when he spots the fox…so random, but I’ve been saying it for years in place of a very excited “HEY THERE!” So um, it’s been awhile.  I’m embarrassed.  I got on … Continue reading