Organization is a big word.

It’s an even bigger freaking task!  Geesh! Seriously.  See the image above.  That’s all I want to do.  But NOOOOOO… that little voice in my head keeps saying… “Pppssst-the laundry won’t do itself, emails need to be sent, phone calls need to be made, meetings need to be MET!”. Okay, okay.  I’ll put my glass … Continue reading

Classy Glass

Okay.  I have an excuse (don’t I always?).  Other than having two jobs, and planning a wedding, and getting a baby girl NIECE!!!!!…I’m also sick as a dog. That being said, I think I should re-work my resolution to a more “practical for my life” goal.  I get about one full day to myself a week.  No … Continue reading

In Memory

So, as luck (or God) may have it, this last month has been the biggest month of change in my life. We got engaged, welcomed my sweet niece into the world & said goodbye to my loving grandma “Nan”. I can’t begin to describe the love & life she brought to every room she walked … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution = FAIL

Oh, hello there!  Remember me?  You know, the author of this blog.  Yeah, it’s been awhile…like,  MONTHS.  I could come up with all of these lovely excuses like “I was sailing off the coast of France” …or, “I went to Russia to adopt a darling little girl!”  (btw: so sad that you can’t adopt from … Continue reading

I should have been 30 in the 60’s

But that didn’t happen…so here I am with my love for all things 60’s!  An old soul, if you will.  I am very close with my grandparents (Nan & Pap, or Helen & Jim if you want to get technical).  Nan & Pap are in their 80’s/90’s…Nan was the original cougar, and boy is she … Continue reading

Hey! You, the tan one!

A little side-note before I start; I’m listening to Wilson Phillips Pandora right now and it HAS to be the best station ever.  Ever.   Thanks JM for the recommendation:) It’s August, and you know what that means?  Everyone has a tan!  Not just me…I’m tan year-round.  I love a good tan, it makes everything look better.  You ugly?  Get … Continue reading

Me Gusta La Musica!

Being a dancer/ choreographer, listening to music is not only a past-time, it’s my job.  I wouldn’t say I’m a music snob, but perhaps…musically proficient?  Nevermind, that sounds snobby.  WHATEVER dude, I have great taste in music & I don’t care who knows it! I have been waiting on pins & needles for the past … Continue reading


Sure! The LAST thing I want to do on a hot summer day is slave over a hot stove.  But, let’s be honest…no time is a good time for me to “slave” over a hot stove.  I surf the net weekly to get inspiration for dinners.  What ends up happening is I go to Trader … Continue reading

View Halloooo!

Uh, what, you say?  Well, remember Mary Poppins?  In the movie, they go on a fox hunt and the head hunter yells out “VIEW HALLOOO!”  when he spots the fox…so random, but I’ve been saying it for years in place of a very excited “HEY THERE!” So um, it’s been awhile.  I’m embarrassed.  I got on … Continue reading

Fresh-Faced and Fancy-Free!

Aloha!  I’m back from my (oh-so-freaking-amazing) escape from reality to Kauai!  It was just what the doctor ordered after a year of non-stop working!  I’ll give you this tidbit that about sums up the trip: Yep.  Drank beer, read The Hunger Games (like whoa!), and did a LOT of relaxing! Until my next break from … Continue reading